A New Brick System : STONE BRICK™ Architectural Cladding System

Instead of reinventing the wheel, we have revived an old design and added to it.

Bluestone, also known as Basalt, is an extremely versatile construction material. Traditionally, it has been utilised as a paving material and also extensively in aggregate form contained in modern concrete mixes.

Knowing that Basalt has more to offer than just being used as an aggregate, the STONE BRICK™ Architectural Cladding System will impress even the most avid critic .

See product at Mason & Maker, or the below product doc/pdf  for further information

STONE BRICK™ Architectural Structural Masonry System  (doc)

STONE-BRICK-Architectural-Masonry-Cladding-System (pdf)



Bluestone Cladding in Armadale – Stone Features, Custom Design

Wayback Wednesday: In 2013, we completed design of handcarved stone elements and assisted another stonemasonry contractor to install over 300m2 of Bamstone Bluestone cladding from Port Fairy, VIC.

The builder onsite was so happy with our input and work method that after the other stone contractor had left site, we completed installation. A sure sign that we perform. We don’t just stand around and get paid by the hour!